Pre-Filled Advent Calendars for 2016

Advent calendar roundup! Nine days until we get festive AF.

Advent Calendar Kit Mini Cards, $12
I’m so glad someone finally did this. Advent calendar cards inscribed with 24 holiday activities, for those of you who prefer the ice rink to the mall.

Advent Grab Bag, $35
Nostalgic toys that are as much fun for grownups as kiddos, with 20 percent of profits going to IntraHealth. (As you likely already know, we make these. Which is why they’re so awesome.)

Scandinavian Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar, $150
Twenty-four advent packages of single origin specialty coffee, roasted to order. Holiday stamina in a box.

Susanne Kaufmann Advent Calendar, $178
A beautiful Advent calendar filled with various bath and body products to try.

The Whiskey Advent Calendar, $156
They Whiskey Advent folks expanded their line to include gin and vodka offerings as well, so stock up on mixers.

24 days of tea, $40
A new cup of tea every day while you wrap presents.

The Beauty Advent Calendar, $76
Includes skincare, makeup and hair care. A scattershot option for pleasing teens who like to point out that you bought the wrong brand.

Wine Advent Calendar, $129
A glass of wine every night. You win Christmas.

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