Old Stuff I Bought

Brad needed a desk lamp, so I went hunting at an antique shop last weekend. Finds!


I got this ’50s desk lamp with the original fiberglass(?) shades. The lights bend to shine wherever you want, and you can turn on each bulb individually or both at once. When we got home, I considered stealing it for my own desk because I wasn’t sure Brad understood the lamp like I did. Then he got agitated when I moved it to my desk to take this photo, even though he had not yet plugged it in. So he gets to keep it.


Bakelite salt and pepper shakers. You press that button on the top, and it moves this little plug at the bottom to dispense. It dispenses a lot of salt, which is delicious.


Ugly ’70s purse! So divine.


Also, I bought another architectural vintage hat without a specific plan of where I’ll wear it. I’m like a cat lady, but with hats. Except hats don’t eat your face when you die alone in your apartment. So that’s an upside.

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