Little Kid Scientist Gift Guide

As a toddler he was impatient to get to the moon, when she turned four she asked for a lab coat. A few gifts for our budding geeks. Live long and prosper, little ones.

Tattly Science Set of Temporary Tattoos, $15 Future founder of the first scientist biker gang.

Break Your Own Geodes, $15 Geology means you get to smash things.

Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste, $12 We’ve been through alllll the science experiment books around here, and this series is our favorite. Simple experiments, solid scientific explanations, and many of them work with stuff you’ll have around the house.

Miracle Fruit Tablets, $15 Condensed Miracle Fruit tablets temporarily bind to the tastebuds and make sour things taste sweet. So neat!

Crystal Growing Volcano, $8 Like a baking soda volcano, but you don’t have to do it in the driveway and change clothes afterward.

2 thoughts on “Little Kid Scientist Gift Guide

  1. this IS an awesome list!
    my eldest daughter is 7 and you basically described her above. she recently attended a girl scout STEM day and we found her repeatedly drawn to DNA extraction booths. so this will be found under the tree on christmas day. willing to bet other science-y kiddos would also love it.


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