Pregnancy Update: Still Pregnant

Do I want hot chocolate or a pickle? This is what I use my brain for now.

Nausea prevented me from eating much my first trimester, which made me pleasant to be around. A few of the appetizing meal choices I made in that period:

This last one is dinner on Halloween night.

That was a couple days before my appetite started to return, and just before I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Hey-ohhh!

So if you guys want to come over for some unsweetened soy hot cocoa and pickles, party’s at my place.

12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Still Pregnant

  1. I had gestional diabetes with my daughter but not my son. So I can relate. I was able to control it with diet. Low carb is your new friend as you know by now I am sure. Try an almond milk cocoa with unsweetened cocoa, vanilla and perhaps some stevia. My first meal after delivery was a big old milkshake my friends brought to the hospital. It tasted so good!


  2. Oh Maggie, I’m so sorry. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and just got the GD diagnosis too (right before thanksgiving, ugh!). Are you able to just monitor your levels, or do they have to treat you with insulin?

    I check my blood four times a day and so far (fingers crossed) have been able to eat fairly normally as long as I exercise right after. Not a ton, just like 5 min of jogging or 15 min of walking. That and I switched to just drinking water, unsweetened tea, and coffee with Splenda.

    Hey… at least this, like everything with pregnancy and kids, is just temporary!


  3. PS Paula, a milkshake sounds amaaaaazing. When I get closer, I’m definitely going to start elaborately planning out my first postpartum treat!


  4. Oh no! My deep sympathy.

    Unsolicited advice follows:

    I had GD my second time around, and despaired for a while, but I found that having a high-protein snack before bed really helped, plus I added a small amount of very dark chocolate per day (which is great for blood sugar, weirdly–mix it with sugar-free peanut butter for the aforementioned late night snack!).

    Best of luck managing, and yay appetite coming back!


  5. I had gestational diabetes…it sucked. I found that pairing a protein with a carb was the easiest way to have the numbers I wanted. One square of dark chocolate doesn’t hurt and breakfast is always the hardest meal…not anti-carb friendly (eggs eggs many flipping eggs). Walk after lunch and helps a ton. Good Luck!


  6. Um, since when is it kosher to post a pregnancy update without a belly pic? Isn’t that a key point of pregnancy blogging etiquette? These things used to be important, what is happening in the world? Maggie, we rely on you to set the standard, please don’t let us down. If bribes work, I’ll send hand-knit baby booties…


  7. I was put on the GD diet with my first son. It stunk at first because all I wanted was ice cream. But, the nice thing was that I only gained 17 pounds my entire pregnancy. I wasn’t on that diet with my second and doubled my weight gain. And my doctor did tell me that if I was craving something sweet to make sure I took a long walk after. Good luck!


  8. Ugh. GD with my 2nd as well. Ditto what Andrea said about pairing carbs with protein. I ate a lot of peanut butter. I gained nearly no weight the rest of my pregnancy. It was weird. But still had an almost 9 lb baby. Hang in there, lady!


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