Shinji Nakaba, Contemporary Jewelry Designer

Yesterday, I came across a ring by Shinji Nakaba on Pinterest. He designs sculptural jewelry that deals in classical subjects, like the body, decay, botanicals. He’s based in Tokyo and specializes in glyptic art, which is carving of precious materials, particularly gemstones.

His tiny sculptures often read as detail shots of works from antiquity, and sometimes find direct reference points, like the David Ring above, which is the ideal gift for your inner 14-year-old boy.

He’s drawn to unusual materials as well.

He does lots of work with aluminum, and fashioned this hydrangea brooch from beer cans.

There’s not much information about Nakaba online in English, but it looks like this site featured him as a street-fashion subject. Unsurprisingly, the man is a hell of a dresser.

If you want something he’s made, his work is available for purchase here, and the prices don’t seem crazed given his talent. Go have a look.

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