The Best Homemade Gifts for Mother’s Day

You want to make her something, or help the kids make her something, but you don’t want her to feel obligated to display that object prominently for the next decade. Solutions:

I love the idea of delivering breakfast in bed while wearing these DIY Baby Masks from Oh Happy Day.

And speaking of breakfast in bed, mom in a crown is a great photo op. If she wants, she can wear it all day. How to Make a Floral Crown from Kisty and a Paper Crown DIY on the Etsy blog.

This quick Envelope Garland Banner from DIY Studio lets you fill each envelope with memories, coupons, poems, or photos.

One of the major conundrums of motherhood is what to do with all the drawings. You can bind them for her into a book, scan them and have one printed at your local print shop, or you can have the kids make her a special mom-themed book with drawings about mom and the things they like to do with her. Here’s a kid drawing book DIY from PSA Stamp Camp.

These DIY Gilded Pattern Votives and Bud Vases from Creature Comforts are sweet as is, or you could let little ones go to town with a paint pen and make some more abstract versions.

Finally, you can clear some space on the fridge by converting photos to these Tiny DIY Polaroid Magnets from Ambrosia Creative.

Look at you. So thoughtful.

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