Grandpa Gene

Grandpa died last night. He was a tractor mechanic who met my grandmother at the restaurant where she was waiting tables. She was a divorced mother of four, whose first marriage had burned through most of her patience. She rejected Grandpa’s offers to take her out, until as a last resort he offered her a simple ride home. Grandma never learned to drive, and after that day she never had to.

She was beautiful, he told me at her funeral. And she was.

Grandpa was beautiful too, even as an old man. He had a full head of silver hair, and the build of a man who has spent a lifetime lifting heavy things. When he came in from repair work out back, he would shower, clean his nails, and comb his hair. In a fresh undershirt, he smelled like soap and pomade. He was quiet, interested in electronics, and didn’t like to talk about the war.

Grandpa was stubborn, and loving, and a good husband to Grandma. He was a good papa to my aunts and uncle, and a good grandpa to us kids. We love him, and he deserved it.

17 thoughts on “Grandpa Gene

  1. I’m so sorry. He sounds like a lovely man.

    And, as an aside, he and Hank look quite like each other, I think.


  2. What a beautiful salute to Grandad. My sincere condolences dear Maggie. What a true blow to lose a precious grandparent much much love to you xx


  3. Lots of love to you and your family — what a beautiful tribute to him and your grandmother too. Love and Light.


  4. A handsome man inside and out. Thank you for telling us about him. He sounds truly lovely. Sending thoughts and prayers for peace and remembrance during this difficult time of loss to you and your family.


  5. Your writing has brought me a lot of joy and hope and comfort throughout the years. My heart goes out to you and your family.


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