Christmas Stockings

We need new Christmas stockings. I pinned some pretty options on a Christmas Stockings board. Still, I can’t shake the urge to run to the drug store, buy the red faux-fur ones I had as a kid, and write our names on them in glitter and Elmer’s Glue.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Stockings

  1. I made my son a beautiful needlepoint stocking when he was a child … it was lovely. But looking back at it, it would probably have been seriously cool to have a family project of various felt decorations that could become snowmen or santas or reindeer and Elmer’s and glitter and have everyone just build the stockings they thought would be cool. Which is a long way of saying: give in to that urge. IMHO.


  2. Do it. They are only little for so long so have fun! You will have all the tasteful Christmas’ you can handle eventually. I miss those days!


  3. Yeah, I had great intentions of making stockings for my girl’s first Christmas but ended up making a last minute run to Target and getting the $1.99 ones. The girls still love them and they definitely have that quaint childhood Christmas feel to them.


  4. I say go for the option that will “tell a story” in later years. I love seeing evidence from my friends’ and family’s holidays from years’ past- heirlooms or handmade items or souvenirs or their kids’ crafts. They provide me with a more unique and meaningful connection as time goes by.


  5. One of my dearest possessions of the Christmas Stocking my husband made for me on my first married Christmas when I had a little melt down because my mother hadn’t mailed my childhood stocking in time, and we were not going to be with family for Christmas. #theluckyone


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