Shopping XOXO

I’m about to leave for my second year at XOXO in Portland, a technology and art festival put together by my friend Andy Baio and co-founder Andy McMillan, who wanted to recapture the feeling of possibility and camaraderie he missed from the early days of SxSW Interactive.

Last year the festival had a sort of craft fair in the lobby, and these were some of my favorite things:

We Flashy, killer reflective wear for creatures of the night.

Print mashup from Berkley Illustration.

A Bikesexuality Zine. Ding!Ding!

And among my favorite objects of all time, Campfire Cologne.

I may never wash this sweater again. Or my hair.

Stop looking at me like that.

Are you going to XOXO? And/or do you wash your hair after a campfire?

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6 thoughts on “Shopping XOXO

  1. Never wash hair with campfire smell still intact. You might be interested in Gorilla perfumes “Voice of Reason”scent. I got mine at Lush and it smells like fires and leather and whiskey. Good stuff!


  2. i’m desperate to know how to obtain that chewbacca, never-ending story, sloth print. it’s not on the etsy site. (did i mention i’m desperate?) perfect gift for my brother. please advise. many thanks!


  3. yay Portland! I live here, it’s very awesome. It’s been very sunny, 80 tomorrow, and then the rains come on Friday – and possibly last until next July. This weekend is Comic Con. I’ve never heard of xoxo. I have naturally curly hair, so for me it’s not so much campfire as it is beach-hair. Best curls ever.


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