Kickstart This: Makeshift Society, Brooklyn!

17th September 2013

The inside of my locker at Makeshift, San Francisco.

Remember a couple years ago when I made the 24 Days Advent Grab Bags with my friend Rena? Well, since then, Rena has founded Makeshift Society, a co-working space and clubhouse for creatives in San Francisco. Now she and my friend Bryan Boyer are starting one in Brooklyn.

If you’re part of the wi-fi workforce in New York, and you’re tired of staggering between coffee shops pining for a free outlet, consider becoming a Makeshift Brooklyn member through this steal of a Kickstarter campaign.

I know the space will be a catalyst — I so admire both Rena and Bryan. In fact, if you’re coming to Camp Mighty they’ll both be there, and I’ll be clinging to them contentedly like a sleepy koala.

This is a good idea, so invest in your careers, entrepreneurs. Brooklyn! Let’s sit down at a table together and get shit done.

1 thought on “Kickstart This: Makeshift Society, Brooklyn!

  1. Ami

    Oh, this would be a good thing to do in Indianapolis. We have a lot of publishers here, so a lot of freelance workers…

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