Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

Art by Kimberly Hall, who is working to be a free agent.

– Mackensie Cornelius is becoming Indiana Jones, with an assist from some intellectual friends of ours.

– Megan H is taking a huge goal and breaking it into tiny bites, most recently she’s hoping to use her new knot tying skills on unruly bachelors. (Baby steps, you know?) When I see this kind of story unfolding it gives me chills, because it’s obvious she is doing this thing. Cheering for you, Megan.
– If you were bummed to miss the first round of Victoria Smith’s (SF Girl by Bay) online book club, join in for round two.

– Meanwhile, the Go Mighty community is still making summer resolutions. If you tag your summer ideas #gosummer, we’ll enter you to win one of six tickets to Camp Mighty. Kimberly Hall made a cool list for artists.

One more month of Summer! I’ve gotta get some bonfires in, son. I hope your days have been happy and your nights warm.

If you’re not a member of Go Mighty, our Life List community, I hope you’ll have a look and consider making your own list of fun ideas for your life. Invitations are issued within 24 hours of sign up.

2 thoughts on “Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

  1. It’s not just for artists 🙂 everyone should spend some time drawing!

    it helps you think (or not), it’s relaxing, and it can help you let go and enjoy the moment.

    hmmmm…..maybe a new life list goal idea!


  2. Thank you for the cheers! Crewing a boat for a bachelor party is a real prospect for me next month. I’m not sure if I’ll be ready, though, sailing skills-wise…or in terms of mental fortitude.


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