Notes on Dating

40 Days of Dating. Two friends decide to try dating for 40 Days. (via Helena Price)

Eavesdropping. Three lines from the first date unfolding at the bar:

1. “I mean, I don’t have anything against China or anything.”
2. “That’s the kind of vampire I like.”
3. “Do you really think that if you, like, 100 percent believe you won’t die, you won’t die?”

Girlfriends in conversation:

-Oh. They’re cute.
-I like the awkward one. Surprise. I should just have that engraved on my tombstone.

3 thoughts on “Notes on Dating

  1. This is a fun project. I am enjoying reading the posts a lot. It’s hard to risk your heart, and harder still to do it in public.

    I did read this in Goodman’s Q&A, though, and raised a cynical brow:

    “Freedom. Why are the majority of single women I know disappointed, and the majority of the single men I know are having a blast?”

    I can’t say if this is true or not. But I would say, why is he even a little puzzled that dating and being single can make women stressed and disappointed and anxious. Some of this is because no matter how successful, smart, happy, and focused a single woman is, social expectations dictate that if she isn’t partnered, there is something wrong with her.

    Not everyone thinks that, but enough people do (that you can predict: HI AUNT EDNA and can’t predict: HI TOTAL STRANGERS).

    Being happy and having a blast being single is a great goal, if that’s what you want. It’s something I think a lot of women would really enjoy if they really believed that was an option without lasting negative consequences.

    But I am mildly unimpressed that Goodman isn’t sensitive to the fact patriarchy f*cks everything up on some level. Dating is no exception.

    If he meets women who are happy and enjoying being single, they aren’t just unusual. They are managing that state of being against terrific social odds.

    (also, has homeboy not noticed how the dating options work for women as they get older vs. men? oh, hollow, indulgent laughter)


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