Life List: Squeeze all the juice out of Summer.

Most years, my summer goes like this, “It’s Summer! It’s Summer! It’s… Fall.”

Summer looks so easy from the outside, filled with simple pleasures like barbecues, road trips, watermelon on ice. Unfortunately, it’s even easier to put those things off in favor of napping in a cool place. (I love you, napping. Come here, let’s cuddle.)

Much like the holidays, there are things I need to do every Summer or it doesn’t feel like I really got a Summer. And all of us know what I do in these situations. I make a list:

My Summer resolutions for 2013.

And! If you’d like to make your own list of fun ideas for Summer, Team Mighty is giving away Camp Mighty tickets to members of the Go Mighty community. To be eligible, tag your summer plans and goals, and any stories about your progress, with #gosummer.

We’ll be giving away the first of six tickets next Friday. Hooray! Here’s hoping we get to meet up for a little more summer in Palm Springs this October.

2 thoughts on “Life List: Squeeze all the juice out of Summer.

  1. Yes to this. I was just thinking: How is it almost mid-July? I haven’t done enough summer things! Time is running out! And you swoop in with a solution to my not-so-productive panic. Maggie Mason, you are the summer fairy.


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