Go Travel: 10 Things To Do in Napa Valley

11th July 2013

10 Things You Should Do in Napa Valley

10 Things You Should Do in Napa Valley

My dear friend Helen Jane was one of the first professional bloggers. She designed the web site right here, and she’s been living in Napa for nearly a decade. I’m always asking her where to go and what to do when friends are in town, so she wrote up a Go Travel for us on Napa Valley, California. Go have a look.

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5 thoughts on “Go Travel: 10 Things To Do in Napa Valley

  1. andi

    I lived in San Francisco for a few years and one of our favorite ways to spend a day off was to go to Napa … or drive through Napa to get to Harbin Hot Springs! :)

    My favorite place in Napa is di Rosa art preserve (www.dirosaart.org). Lake, gallery, wildlife preserve, and acres of beauty to explore – amazing art and sculptures added all over the place. An incredible spot to spend a sunny afternoon.

  2. JanetS

    re: The San Francisco list — the Swan Oyster Depot listing should say that it’s cash only (which is such a shock nowadays) and bring plenty because you will want to eat more than you planned.

  3. louis ortega

    Hey Thanks for sharing your great tips about the Napa valley :), I had an awesome visit over there. I had seen many things over there which make me feel happy. The one of the Favorite place was Lake, there i had spent too much time as that place was very nice to visit again and again. :)

  4. Marta

    Love this blog! Just starting visiting it but I will be sure to read it every week. I’m going to Napa Valley soon so I really enjoyed this post…very helpful thanks :)

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