Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

– Amber joined the fantastic Pintester Movement with an epic “nailed it” and a defense of crafting drunk.

– Boom! Jenny did it. This is one of my favorite projects on Go Mighty in the history of ever. Well done, sis.

– Sarah, who lost her apartment in Hurricane Sandy, is pitching in with the team from We Rebuild. And loaning out her son, which is totally legal.

– And Stacey? We’re doing some sipping next time we’re in the same city. Pinkies out.

– Finally, if you haven’t checked anything off your Life List in a while, here’s how to win a $500 goal grant from partner Rivet & Sway. They make eyeglasses for girls who excel at both mathematics and manicures, so we like them. Good odds, so hit that up.

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