4 thoughts on “Life List Update: Shave My Legs Every Day for 30 Days

  1. Deann

    As a former swimmer, I actually shave my legs daily. It’s as routine to me as washing my hair. You can do it!

  2. ali

    I think I NEED to do this. If only to make sure I get out of bed every day. Thank you.

  3. Kayjayoh

    (Somehow, I accidentally posted this comment on the Taste of Austin post. If you’d be up for deleting the comment on the other post, it really makes no sense there at all.)

    I’m probably not the first to recommend this, but if you get tired of shaving, might I suggest sugaring? I tried it a few years ago when I got sick of accidentally cutting myself, and am now a convert. Takes a little longer each time, but I don’t have to do it as often and I find it rather cathartic. Plus, I love making the sugaring mixture on my stove every couple of months. Candy + beauty!

  4. Charlotte

    This is pretty funny, but how can you not stand you shave your legs everyday? Isn’t a prickly leg enough to send you straight into the shower?

    Just wondering. :) Happy shaving! (do it! do it!)

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