Go Travel: Rebecca Woolf’s Favorite Things to do in Los Angeles

25th April 2013

Ten Things You Should Do in Los Angeles

I’m heading to L.A. this weekend. And next weekend. And if the weather is soothing I may just stay there on the beach, gawking at thinner people.

Fortunately for me, Rebecca Woolf lives in L.A. She’s the author of Girl’s Gone Child, and I met her via video when we were doing Momversation together. (I still cringe every time I type that show name, but here we are talking about our boobs with Dana Loesch. Sexy times.)

I’ve mentioned Rebecca before, but I haven’t mentioned that she was one of a handful of friends who was always there for me through my divorce. I feel totally myself with her, and she’s person who taught me to love Los Angeles, despite my innate Nor Cal antipathy for the land that steals our water.

In the next couple weeks I can’t wait to stay up late having too much wine, talking about boys, and exploring Los Angeles together. Bex put together a list of her favorite places in LA for our Go Travel, so have a look and maybe add a few to your Life List. See you there.

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  1. Laura

    Yeah, Rebecca? Is an amazing rockstar of awesome awesomeness. So happy that you guys are pals and that you’re getting some girl-time soon. Have fun!

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