Mighty Thirst: Tangelo Cooler

26th April 2013

My intent was to make this taste like a 50-50 bar, and? Nailed it. Here’s how you achieve the effect.


– Juice of one Tangelo (or orange)
– 1/2 shot Amaretto
– 1/2 shot Cointreau
– 1 shot vodka

Put a few ice cubes in your glass, add the booze, and squeeze in the juice of a Tangelo. Stir until the drink is chilled, sip, and try not to drink the rest in a single gulp. Seriously, maybe have a glass of water first.

Here’s to the water warming up, the light through the trees, and the guy at the fruit stand who always makes sure you get a good watermelon.

What are you toasting this week?

I’m making 100 cocktails as part of my Life List. This is number fifteen. Here are the rest:

1. Shots in ‘Cots 2. Avocado Bourbon Shake 3. The Vacation 4. Sassy Lassi 5. Cherry Bing 6. The ABC 7. Toddy Shots 8. Cafe Picante 9. Gin and Juice (Box) 10. The Neighbor 11. Halloween Spiked Cider 12. Bloodthirsty Mulled Wine 13. Killer Bloody Mary 14. Bourbon Pumpkin Shake

3 thoughts on “Mighty Thirst: Tangelo Cooler

  1. Tricia

    Tangelos are weird? damn. Being a native, I guess I don’t know weird when I see it here. Now I want to know what areas have unusual fruit that natives don’t know is weird. Hidden treasures right under our nose.

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