Homemade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

“Mama? How come you don’t wear my macaroni necklace to your meeting?”

Because, baby. Because I am a monster.

Parents treasure handmade gifts, but there are only so many times you can hide the macaroni necklace in the glove compartment before you forget to put it back on when you get home. And then the inevitable reckoning. Where is the necklace? I… got hungry.

Mom and Grandma would love handmade gifts for Mother’s Day, but maybe not another pinto-bean brooch. As long as you’re helping your kid make something, here are some sentimental homemade and/or custom options that she doesn’t have to wear in front of the board.


Do a slight twist on this birthday surprise, by attaching an individual photo of each kid for every year of his or her life.

Ask your kids to number them and on the back of the photo. Or have them write a happy memory of their mom or grandma. Also works as a cool display option for handmade favor coupons.


Silhouettes are classic, inexpensive, and relatively easy to make. Here’s a DIY tutorial on how to make a silhouette. If you’re not feeling especially artistic, you and the kids can take a photo and send it to this service, which sends you a custom silhouette either mounted or ready for framing.


Sharpie mugs are ludicrously easy, aside from the “trusting your toddler with a Sharpie” element. Ask your kid to draw a picture of mommy or the family on the mug, or write a sweet message or quote if they’re older, and then bake it until the ink sets. A genius addition to the breakfast-in-bed tray.


Transfer handwritten family recipes to a dish towel or apron. Grandma’s gonna cry.


Listen, you are entrusted with your child’s cultural education. They may already know how to make a playlist on Spotify, but do they know how to craft a serviceable mix tape? Narrative arc. The crucial starter. The meaningful closer — sentimental, not overwrought. “‘You are my Sunshine’ or ‘Call Me, Maybe?'” Tough call, kid. Help them shape their skills on a woman who will love them no matter what.


The site has this listed as a thumbprint pendant, but I think it makes a nicer ornament. Sweet to hang on the wall above a light switch or doorbell.


How long has it been since your family printed real, paper photos? If she’s an Instagram fan, Printstagram for giving her an IRL photo experience. I like this album from Paper Source.


This is technically an advent calendar, but I love the idea of writing mom a bunch of sweet notes to open over the month. You can order one if you happen to speak German, or just drill a series of holes in a block of wood with a large bit and have the kids write their notes up.


Here’s a tutorial for making your own little cross-stitch family. Awesome idea for grandma.


Add her name to a favorite kid’s drawing, and Bike Like the Fox will make it into a custom bookplate.

There. Every gift comes with my personal guarantee that you’ll never find it in the glove compartment.

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

  1. My husband proudly wears the hand-painted tie he got for Father’s Day several years ago. It’s very cute. I would far prefer the macaroni necklace to the macaroni frame. Things that are meant to be displayed in the house present the biggest challenges.


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