Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

Sometimes people check off goals, but are coy with details and I find it maddening. Miss Harmony! Tell us the story behind this photo.

POW! SOCK! Ruth Stine, you are a peach. This goal is everything I’ve wanted to come out of Mighty Summit, Camp Mighty, and Go Mighty. Go read.

Overcome your fear of rejection? Check.

Did you know that one pair of a ballerina’s pointe shoes costs $75-$100, and they only last for a night or two of performances? I had no idea. Thanks to a $3,000 goal grant from Olay and Go Mighty, Isabel Kallman funded a year of pointe shoes for a Dance Theater of Harlem ballerina. If you’d also like to fund a pair of shoes, or can find a way to sponsor a dancer’s shoes for a year, go for it right here.

And now a little story about how Jenny Stockton’s goal made me nostalgic. I was one of the first volunteers at 826 Valencia, and I’d been reading Might Magazine for years — it inspired the name Mighty Girl, actually. I had so much respect for Dave Eggers’s projects. The first time I met him 826 hadn’t yet opened, and he worried aloud that the pirate supply store in front of the tutoring center would be a bust — the space was zoned for retail, so they had to sell something in order to rent it. I made the quiet comment that pirate supplies would be huge, San Francisco being a port city. When Dave chuckled, my eyes watered so hard I had to look at my shoes. Thirteen years later, the 826/McSweeny’s/Believer crew is still making the world more hopeful.

6 thoughts on “Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

  1. woooooot! thanks for the shout out! i wish i had added “maggie mason knows i exist in this world” as a goal so i could cross it off.

    on and up!


  2. a-ha! That explains the “Superhero Supply Store” that fronts the Eggers writing center in Brooklyn. so much YAY that you planted that seed!


  3. Ruth, I am totally adding that to my list 😉

    *love* the idea of the ‘be more awesome’ summit. I have ‘throw a Life List’ party on my list which I’m hoping will work the same way!


  4. Maggie, thank you so much for bringing attention to DTH and the new pointe shoe fund. I can’t wait to write about it again, sharing new developments.

    Also, thank you for helping to make this a possibility.

    Strong hugs,


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