10 thoughts on “Motherhood Mic Drop

  1. margit

    Tremendous. Oh I’m sharing this one. The flip side: Had a friend that posted a picture of an empty toilet roll and just wrote “Happy Mother’s Day”

  2. Rachel

    Oh good lord, our SIXTEEN year old daughter does not do this yet… What did you DO to him?! ;-)

  3. michelle K

    It’s just my son and me most often. I refer to that as the good roommate behavior. Often times, referring to my son as my roommate helps him to feel more accountable for his own behavior. We have good and bad roommate days!!

  4. Byrne Reese

    In our house we would scold our kids for doing that. It would be the only way to ensure they do it again.

  5. Bonnie B.

    MY HUSBAND won’t do that and your six year old WILL???? I’ve gone terribly wrong somewhere along the line here…

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