Go Mighty and the New York Times!

Hey! We’re on a New York Times blog today, go see:

Go Mighty or You Might Not Go At All by KJ Dell’Antonia

We talked about Life Lists and I said, “If you’re constantly looking to cross the next thing off, it can make you frenetic. You become immune to contentment. It’s smart to pursue happiness — I mean, go for it — but stop and savor it when you catch it.” Read more.

Also, if you’ve been meaning to make a Life List but aren’t sure where to start or would just like some teammates to help motivate you, sign up for our Go Mighty Skillshare class. One of the attendees gets a $1,000 grant to cross something off their list. Fingers crossed that it’s you.

4 thoughts on “Go Mighty and the New York Times!

  1. Go Mighty is my new addiction. Which is IRONIC since I just gave up Twitter for Lent in an effort to declutter my online life. But hey. It quality over quantity, the way I see it. 🙂


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