Project: You Are My Wild

Photo by Ryan Marshall

You Are My Wild is a weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children.

Photo by Shelby Brakken

Remember when the Web was just projects like this?

Photo by Anje Bridge

Is there a project that made you happy recently? Tell us in comments.

10 thoughts on “Project: You Are My Wild

  1. Gorgeous photos, but I’m honestly wondering how you managed to gather 14 participants and not have a single person of color. What’s up with that?


  2. I don’t want to be the a**hole who writes about her own thing, but my husband and I have been working on this for a long time: It’s a series of nudes (almost exclusively women, sometimes couples) in their homes–all participants are volunteers. He’s the photographer and I’m the editor. It makes me happy every day that we get to show beauty in every body.
    Love your site, Maggie! Thanks for this opportunity to share positive things around the web!


  3. Since Katy went and forged the path, I’m going to post about my project too. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been memorizing and illustrating a poem a week (I started off just memorizing, but then realized I was using images to help fix the words in my memory and thought, why not comics?).

    Not only has this been a fun way to sneak a little creativity into my work week, it’s helped me reconnect with one of my old poetry professors. He’s even blogged about my comics here, here and here. It feels a bit self promote-y to link to them, but I really can’t express how pleased I am to be back in touch with Tom, and it does my work-wearied post-MFA heart good to be sharing work with him again. So yay, projects! Yay, connections! Yay, internet!

    (Also, You are My Wild is a gorgeous name).


  4. Two projects, one mine, one not:

    A friend of mine whom I now only connect with through the net (because she lives on the other side of the world from me) has just started fashion blogging, about her world as a “reluctant femme.” She has only been at it for a few weeks, but she is popping out a post a day or more and is just FULL of energy and wisdom in a way that I have never seen from her before, and it’s wonderful. Also we are mutually obsessed with glitter, so there’s a lot to talk about.

    Also, I run a magazine project where I gather a bunch of creative people together and challenge them to write, design and photograph a print magazine from start to finish in 24 hours. It’s sort of a baby project; we’ve been running for a year and just finished our 4th issue, which was the best one yet by FAR, oh my goodness yes. It is technically my project since I do the organizing, but really it’s about all of these brilliant people I get to throw together under a silly deadline, who all rise to the challenge every time and inspire amazing collaborative things from one another all over the place. It is a glorious experience and I am still riding high from this past issue, and so proud of all of my contributors that it makes me want to burst. Or, you know, leave lovey comments around the internet squeeing over them.

    Yay projects indeed!


  5. I heard about this project and loved the concept:

    A local Memphis bookstore is borrowing the idea from an artist (with permission) to accumulate people’s “ideal bookshelves” – you collect 10 books that have influenced your life in some way and the artist will paint a “portrait” of these selections.

    This has gotten me thinking about not only the books I would choose, but what those choices would say about me. Very interesting idea!


  6. Maggie, thanks for linking to Ryan’s new project. I did not realize quite how much I missed him until I saw Cole’s picture again.


  7. Hey! Thanks for the link to You Are My Wild. It’s pretty much my most favorite thing I have ever been a part of online. So really awesome that other people are appreciating it. Hope you’re well.


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