Life List: In the Pink

Bedroom redesign update! Yesterday I got to the paint store and realized I have never chosen what color the walls will be in my own house. What the whaa? But I’ve always rented apartments that didn’t allow renters to paint, and I didn’t realize it until the wall of pink paint chips started to swim.

As it turns out there are approximately eight quadrillion billion shades of pink paint. Victoria and I had discussed Wispy Pink by Benjamin Moore, but then I saw it.

You guys, it looked so wispy. I had flashbacks to my aforementioned tasteful, “this is not pink!” childhood bedroom, which made me a little anxious.

So I contemplated Raspberry Shock, Watermelon Pretty Pretty Princess, and Fuchsia What Are You Thinking. I wondered whether they could mix glitter into the paint.

Just, like, a little glitter.

In the end, I went with Victoria’s advice because I am not a four-year-old.

So now my white room…

is blushing.

Huge thanks to Olay, who are sponsoring my Life List by helping me “Make my bedroom the perfect place to be a girl.” And so far? It’s pretty perfect.

5 thoughts on “Life List: In the Pink

  1. I don’t know why people hate-on pink. I think you chose a lovely colour. It’s nice and warm, soothing and welcoming, it’s not in-your-face, demanding you to BE anything and it won’t keep you awake like Raspberry Shock would. Save Raspberry Shock for your bathroom! I can’t wait to see your finished room!


  2. As a sociologist and an athlete, I will offer an explanation as to why everyone hates on pink: because it is the designated color for women. I believe the thought is, “Oh, you are a woman, you will like this (fill in the blank) because it is pink.” I believe the haters don’t like the fact that it presumes too much. In the course of my life, I have had stages where I am violently anti-pink. But I have come around… being being anti-pink is ridiculous. Why limit yourself to all the OTHER colors just on principle?

    Maggie, congrats on your choice of pink. I love how subtle it is.


  3. I say I don’t want pink in my life, but I look back on the dishes I got when I was married, my last car was a version of pink, and now I have a daughter who has fallen in love with pink. I am reconsidering what pink means in my life. Love, love, love your blushing bedroom walls!


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