Web Crush: Meg Keene of a Practical Wedding

29th January 2013

I recently checked “Form a workplace with people I love” off my Life List. Now, every day until Valentine’s Day, I’m saying thanks to someone whose work online has inspired me. Today’s crush is Meg Keene of A Practical Wedding.

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Meg is one of my favorite examples of how the Web has helped me find my people — she was one of my first readers-turned-friends. We met when she applied for the Mighty Summit with a list of accomplishments that made me wonder why I hadn’t already heard of her. The Internet is so big now, you guys.

MEG KEENE is beloved because:

– Every thought shows up on her face. When she’s happy, her eyebrows jump and her smile hangs open, like she’s shocked that any moment could be so good. Simple, important things make Meg cry.
– Meg is candid and loyal. She tells you the truth, with only passing acknowledgement that it might be uncomfortable. She does not hedge her bets, and she doesn’t have much interest in people who do.
– Meg says, “Yeah. Fuck that.” about anything that fails to be awesome.

From A Practical Wedding:

“As a blogger, there seems to be an expectation that once you get pregnant, you become a mommy blogger (troubling term notwithstanding). That, much of what you have to write about is going to have to do with pregnancy and parenting. But the trick is, unlike what the whole culture told me to expect, I still feel like exactly the same person now as I did before. The same person, with roughly the same interests. Turns out I’m not very interested in researching items to be purchased for the baby. (I hate researching items to be purchased.) Turns out I am very interested in decorating the baby’s future room (I love decorating rooms), and buying toys (I love toys). But mostly, I’m interested in things like vintage heels, food, excellent TV shows, making jokes with my husband, and my work. In fact, I’m really, really, interested in my work… read more.”

My Crush series is part of RedEnvelope’s Crush on You initiative, which is about showing gratitude to the people who make your life better.

5 thoughts on “Web Crush: Meg Keene of a Practical Wedding

  1. Sarah E

    I found A Practical Wedding in the spring, and my crush on Meg has taken up a disproportionately large amount of my mental power since then. I adore her work.

  2. Peeps

    I found APW when I was engaged, and Meg (and her team) were some of the only voices that rang true and talked about the important nuances of what it means to be a wife, not just the all-consuming bride. It’s so wonderful that she does this!

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