Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

This reminds me of my life list goal to get in the habit of grand loving gestures.

Less stress. More focus. Has anyone tried this? Did it make a difference in your overall mood and productivity?

Pin-up photo shoot in progress. Go, Kelly.

So many of you have begun year-long projects in 2013. I like this one from Loren.

“Mostly I just want my list to breathe and flex, because I want my life to breathe and flex. I want to know the line between defining my goals and my goals defining me.” – Thank you for sharing this, Cindy.

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2 thoughts on “Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

  1. I made a couple of attempts at Pomodoro just last week. I can see how it would increase productivity, but I need to figure out how to better control interruptions (both internal and external). Also, since each Pomodoro is supposed to be indivisible, it doesn’t provide the right incentives to put shorter but equally necessary tasks on my list because it seems wasteful to keep reviewing the task until the 25 mins are up.


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