Team Project! Own Less Crap

I’ve been spending way too much time straightening, and dusting, and sorting junk I don’t even want to own anymore. In 2013, I resolved to own less crap, and I suspect a few of you probably feel the same way. Let’s be honest, are we ever going to read those 78 back issues of the New Yorker?

So! The team at Go Mighty partnered with Bing to provide a little incentive.

Over the next four weeks, Team Mighty will be selecting twenty people who add “get organized” to their life list on Go Mighty. Those folks will receive a $100 gift card to The Container Store courtesy of the folks at Bing. And! For every person who organizes their space, donates the things they can no longer use, and shares their story on the site, Bing will give $20 to Habitat for Humanity up to $2,000!

That means we need at least 100 of you to clean out your junk drawers, junk closets, and junk rooms (no judgement). To enter to win and help raise money for Habitat, just tag your goals and stories “Go Bing” and “Mighty Organized.”

Let’s do it. What are you getting rid of first?

Image Source: Celebrity Junk Drawer Series by Jason Mecier

14 thoughts on “Team Project! Own Less Crap

  1. I don’t have a life list but I have resolved to get rid of/donate/recycle etc… one thing a day for 2013. I’ll be recording it on twitter with #less365. Follow me @delowe


  2. ha – just last week I confronted my mortality and tossed a year’s worth of New Yorkers (but not before tearing out the poetry).


  3. Ha! I had several shelves several years of carefully organized New Yorker back issues which I just recently unloaded (onto my dad). It cleared up so much space, and I never read them. So your example made me actually laugh out loud. For real.


  4. What a great idea! Getting organized is at the very top of my to-do list right now, and it’s a subject I’m hoping to explore at length on my blog in the coming weeks.

    And yes, somehow we all end up with too much stuff. What are we getting rid of first? Well, just today my husband and I set aside several boxes worth of ill-fitting clothes to donate to Goodwill. What a relief; we can see our closet again! Best of luck to all of you with your own organizing projects.


  5. Shredded about 25 lbs of paper. Recycles all the old New Yorkers and Elle Decors. Finally took ancient electronics to recycling. Three boxes of Hubby’s ugly Hawaiian shirts, ’90s belts and grandpa ties to Goodwill. Also organized my kids artwork into a portfolio, got rid of all the old VHS tapes and organized what was left. And that was just the office. More to go.
    2013 is Just Say No to Crap year.


  6. Now that I’ve shut down my online retail businesses I’m donating some massive boxes of shipping supplies to my local creative reuse center. Maybe it will help another new business or non-profit get going!


  7. I’m getting rid of all the yarn I have no intention of knitting. I have lots of skeins of good sock yarn that I will never use! I know a few organizations that would love to get some free yarn. Then I’m recycling all the old magazines in the house. I feel better already.


  8. We just completed a HUGE closet cleanup. The same day, we also sorted bookshelves. Now that we have Kindles, the many, many shelves of books just look cluttered.

    I’m excited (and slightly embarrassed) to say that we had so much stuff we had to make three (!!) trips to goodwill to get it all there. After all that work, I’m questioning each and every new thing we think about bringing into the house…

    …I’m all four owning less crap!


  9. This is a goal that I can totally get behind!
    I have a huge craftroom totally stuffed full of
    supplies that I never use because the space had become so cluttered that I couldn’t find any-
    thing! So far: A truckload has gone to our Creative Reuse Center (was I REALLY going to
    take up “speed-tufting”?), duplicate and excess
    supplies have been distributed to friends, and
    bins of books I’d stored under the steps have
    been reduced from 13 to 4 (and the rest donated to a local library for their book sale). I only
    wish that I had taken a “before” photo because
    I can’t believe the difference already!
    So-now that I have some room to move around
    and empty shelf/storage space-the FUN part be-
    gins: Organizing it into an actual FUNctional
    craftroom! “A place for everything, and every-
    thing in its place” is my ultimate goal — THEN
    I can start bringing all the other stuff that
    belongs there out of my dining room and garage
    (where I’ve stockpiled it because I had no room)
    and incorporate THOSE into the mix…I haven’t
    seen the top of my dining room table in over a
    year–and have “bags o’ stuff” hanging off of
    every chair…it’ll certainly be an ongoing
    process now that I’ve seen some progress!
    So, here’s to no longer having to tune in to
    “Hoarders” just so I can say, “See, I’m not THAT
    bad!” Happy de-cluttering to everyone!


  10. I cannot in good faith add “get organized” to my life list, because…..I organize. When I have a bad day? I organize something. When I have a really good day? I go to the container store. I get excited when I think of a new thing I can donate to the thrift store. I don’t clean, I don’t exercise, I don’t engage in a meaningful dialogue with loved ones….I organize. Not necessarily proud of it, but there it is.

    But getting it out there about the New Yorkers really felt good. Thanks guys. I can’t get rid of them (I organize, and I’m also a completist), but I did cancel my auto-renewal. So, once I get through that wee but mounting stack, it’s just me and the website from now on.


  11. Welp I purged 20 YEARS of my Martha Stewart Living magazine collection!!! I asked a few friends and well it took me a bit of time and filled my TWO RECYCLE TOTERS but they are all gone!!!!! On a side note, I get MARTHA digitally now! You wouldn’t expect me to go totally without Martha now really???? I’m FREE of the paper! ( I am an original subscriber – never let my subscription lapse in the entire 20 years).


  12. A couple of times a year I have a clean-out week. On the first day I find 7 things to give away/ throw away from each room in the house, then 6 things on the second day, 5 things on the 3rd day and so on. It makes a game of it, and it helps to look at things for several days in a row while you consider if you really will ever use it again. I recently gave away 5 bags of fabric scraps my mother had collected for patchwork – I’ve never even been interested in patchwork but it took a long time to understand that I could move it on without disrespecting my mothers effort and own dreams. I also give this challenge to my children.


  13. Such a good goal! So far this year, I’ve gone through my closet thoroughly (between me and my husband, we sent 6 garbage bags of clothes down the road – yikes!) and cleaned out DVDs. I’m also going completely paperless in my office this year.


  14. Aaaannnd I just marked my goal that was very similar to this as completed. (Have a Truely Minimal Apartment) Someone asked me the other day if I had just moved in. Perfect.


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