Thanksgiving! Feeeed me.

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I need recipe advice, Internet.

I love the idea of having a set of traditional recipes I make every year for Thanksgiving — the quintessential stuffing, the heart-attack mashed potatoes, the restful pie. I want a cute apron and a calm demeanor borne of certitude (and the glass of red wine I’m drinking while I cook). Unfortunately, I don’t have many recipes passed down the family tree.

But you there. In the apron, with the red-wine mustache. What do you make every year? Anything that’s…

• Super quick and still delicious? I am willing to add bacon to anything to make this happen.
• So perfect you don’t care how long it takes because in the end your guests want to dump the leftovers on the floor and roll around in them?
• Easy to make ahead so all your prep doesn’t land on the same day? I prefer to enjoy the party rather than play caterer.

I have collected a few irreproachable recipes for my arsenal. Let’s have an old-fashioned recipe swap. Was that ever a thing? Let’s say yes.

Here are mine:

Winter Vegetable Soup
You can make it up to a week ahead, and freeze it. The sweetness of the squash and apple are offset by the cayenne. The mild kick in the aftertaste is a nice surprise.

Bourbon Brined Turkey
OK, so the most intense part of the meal I have down. I cannot recommend this recipe enough. Simple, and a result that will have guests calling for years after to ask for the recipe every time they’re in the presence of a raw bird.

Cranberry Relish
So good, and ludicrously fast — the caveat being that you’ll need a food processor. Very fresh, but definitely not a cranberry sauce. Great accent for the rest of a holiday meal.

All right, your turn. Here’s what I still need:

• Stuffing
• Mashed potatoes
• Yam or sweet potatoes
• Gravy
• Something green – Brussels sprouts or green beans maybe
• An alternative main dish for vegetarians preferably vegans. (I’m not being twee here. This comes up almost every year.)
• Pies. For the love of all that is holy. Pies.

Open your recipe box unto me, that all of us may partake in your Thanksgiving bounty.

She said. Wholesomely.

106 thoughts on “Thanksgiving! Feeeed me.

  1. A delicious alternative to the canned cream of mushroom soup green bean casserole:

    Haricot Verts on a bed of caramelized onions with bacon (pork fat rules!!)

    Fry up 4 or 5 slices of bacon, remove to a plate lined with paper towels

    Pour off all but 2T of bacon fat
    Thinly slice the onion and saute in the reserved bacon fat over very low heat for about an hour, stir occasionally (this can be done in advance and refrigerated)

    Steam the green beans just until tender, toss with caramelized onions

    Arrange green beans and onions on a platter, add crumbled bacon on top


    I do it without the bacon for vegetarians…the caramelized onions are soo good that you almost don’t miss the bacon….almost.


  2. I have two words for you…Ina Garten. Seriously, that woman has good tasting food down! Her mashed potatoes are the best I’ve ever made(so long as you don’t care about healthy, which for Thanksgiving, why would you?), and she roasts her brussel sprouts. Seriously, have you ever had them roasted? Even if you think you don’t like brussel sprouts, you need to try them roasted. It will change your mind.

    Here’s the link love:


  3. A little late, but:

    Pie – I made this yesterday and it was amazing. The only difference was I substituted bourbon for the SoCo.

    Side dish – I am really loving this butternut squash/leek/apple gratin. You could make it vegan by using olive oil instead of butter and skipping the cheese (sad), but I make it non-vegan style by pouring 1/2-1 cup of cream over top and doing gruyere instead of parmesan.


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