Life List How To: It’s Just a Phase

If you couldn’t make Camp Mighty this year, this is me bringing a little taste to your laptop. (Mmm. Tastes like achievement. And gin gimlets.) For increased verisimilitude, please wear a paper party hat while you watch this video I filmed in my hotel room.

While we’re in Palm Springs, Olay is giving Alice Bradley of Finslippy a grant to cover the head shots she needed for her work as a freelance writer. She’s having them taken here at the Ace, and it’s our first foray into wish granting. [Ed note: Between you and me, Alice totally asked for more wishes. Which? Pro move. Now I’m sad that I’m not a genie. But mostly because I want to wear harem pants around without people asking me why I’m in my pajamas.]

If you haven’t requested an invitation to the Go Mighty beta yet, please go do that so you can enter to win a grant too. We’ll send a note to your inbox as we grow.

I’m doing a series of these videos, so please let me know in comments any questions you’d like answered about Life Lists. And then I will attempt to answer them. If you’d like to comment on my appearance, my sexuality, or my relative idiocy level, I think you’re supposed to do that on YouTube? So maybe click through. I don’t really know how it works.

Ready? Go.

6 thoughts on “Life List How To: It’s Just a Phase

  1. Hi Maggie – longtime reader, one time guest poster.

    Love what you’re up to and this video (of course I may be biased as a Certified Martha Beck coach) but I’ve always appreciated how your life lists were not full of only grand things but also contained the delightfully mundane.

    For those who would like to know more about Martha’s 4 phase change cycle – this is a good article that summarizes it:


  2. Nicely done Maggie, and spot on advice. I’ll be truckin’ on over to Go Mighty now to throw my hat in the ring for the Olay grant. What a superb partnership, and it’s working for them; I bought an Olay product this weekend when I thought of this project and decided I wanted to put my dollar behind their product. I know it was only $40 bucks but it was DIRECTLY motivated by this promotion. Bingo Bango Olay!


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