Take That, Teddy Bears

13th December 2011

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When Hank was tiny and did something cute, kidless friends used to say “Oh! My dog does that. Not to compare your baby to my dog.” And then I’d say, “My child’s attachment object is a chew toy. We’re cool.”

This is Hank with Beebo, a rubber chicken we got one day when Hank insisted on stopping in to the neighborhood pet shop because he thought it was a toy store. Beebo squeaks when you squeeze him, and the squeak sounds remarkably like, Beeeeebooooow! or BEE-BOW!, depending on how forceful your affection. Beebo was the first toy Hank loved like a person. He refused to go anywhere without the rubber chicken, and I would occasionally look in the rearview mirror to find Hank gazing soulfully into Beebo’s eye nubbins, or rubbing Beebo’s plucked rubber body softly against his cheek.

Of course, Hank also slept with Beebo. I’d put him to bed, and then read in the quiet of the living room. Every half hour or so, I’d hear a sharp BEE! when Hank rolled over, and then a corresponding “Boooow” when he flipped back. Best baby monitor on record.

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16 thoughts on “Take That, Teddy Bears

  1. A.E.

    When I was younger, I recieved a rubber chicken as a birthday present, and I carried it with me everywhere. Literally. The picture is really cute, and it made me think of my own memories.

  2. Nora

    Ha! I got a friend’s dog that Exact. Same. Toy. for Christmas last year (from Animal House, down on Fillmore — They’re the best, plug plug). The noise cracked me up, and probably drove her slowly mad.

  3. Kate S.

    You totally get “Cool Mom” points for letting him keep it, too! Most moms I know would have snatched that dog toy back so fast…but I say, good enough for a dog, probably good enough for the kid: )

  4. Sarah

    One of the kids I know picked out a rubber “shark-ez” for his souvenir of a beach trip. We didn’t realize Shark-ez “talked” until we started an 18 hour drive home. A couple of hours in, when we stopped for food, Daddy had a talk with Shark-ez, and he never spoke again!

  5. megan

    We were given “Sophie the giraffe” when my daughter was born, which is basically a glorified doggie toy, just more expensive…Because she’s French.

  6. Raina

    He even loved chickens when he was tiny! I am surprised he didn’t name one of our farm chicken Beebow.

  7. Dina

    Aw. When I was little in Germany, my favorite Sesame Street character was Big Bird — but the German name for him is Bibo (pronounced bee-bow). Did they name Bibo after a rubber chicken??

  8. Jennifer

    You can not imagine the near-heart attack I just had reading about Beebo. My business is painting portraits of toys, and after ten zillion bears I would give my left eye to paint a rubber chicken.

  9. Stephanie

    Squeaky toys and baking soda scented poop bags – we do have a lot in common.

    megan, I thought the same thing when we got a “Sophie.” And, hot damn, that girl gets around.

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