12 Days of Christmas Gifts

13th December 2011

I’ve always wanted to do a 12 Days of Christmas gift package, this is my slightly less literal take on the idea.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Hand Turned Wooden Pear, $16 from Urban Turn
Here’s the pear.

Slingshot , $25 from General Store
The partridge they can take care of themselves.

Two Turtle Doves

Moderato Mugs, $26 each from General Store

Three French Hens

Pebble Vases, $8-$15 from Paxton Gate

Four Calling Birds

Bird Call Set, $160 from Curiosity Shoppe

Five Golden Rings

Vintage Target, $5 from Brookfarm General Store

Six Geese A-Laying

Espresso Set, $55 from MoMA

Seven Swans A-Swimming

Airline Routes Print of the Seven Continents, $44 from lx97.com
Flying gets the swans there so much faster.

Eight Maids A-Milking

Aluminum Wood Milking Stool, $179 from West Elm

Nine Ladies Dancing

Rannoch Merino Socks in Sea Green, from Really Wild Clothing
Have you ever seen nine ladies dancing? None of them are wearing shoes.

Ten Lords A-leaping

Ten Japanese Wooden Tops, $60 from The Curiosity Shoppe

Eleven Pipers Piping

Hand Carved Pear-Root Wood Tobacco Smoking Pipe, $20 from For Pipe Smokers

Twelve Drummers Drumming

12 Colored Pencils, $29 from Brookfarm General Store

Have you ever wanted to do this too? Leave your suggestions for alternative ideas in comments.

20 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Gifts

  1. elayne

    No particular ideas, but I looked at the first one for several seconds thinking, for some reason, “Oh how clever, a sculpture of a partridge carved out of pear-wood – almost literally a partridge in a pear tree!” It’s amazing how your brain can latch onto an idea and convince your eyes that that’s what you’re seeing, when they’re nothing at all like each other.

    Off to find my meds.

  2. BT

    I love your suggestions. I love your blog. I would just mention that when you speak of the 12 Days of Christmas, it is actually the time AFTER December 25. In “church” speak, the 12 days marks the time after Christmas day and before Epiphany. Just a point of clarification.

  3. Amanda

    Last year I made a mixed CD (I know…old school. Shut up.) that I gave to (select) co-workers in the obligatory work Christmas card. Somewhat in the same vein as yours, Maggie–it was the following mix:
    1. Partridge Family–I think I love you
    2. Turtle Blues–Janis Joplin
    3. Cluck Ol’ Hen–.357 String Band
    4. Four Leaf Clover–Badly Drawn Boy
    5. Golden Ring–George Jones+Tammy Wynette
    6. The Geese of Beverly Road–The National
    7. Night Swimming–REM
    8. Milk&Honey–Hollie Cook
    9. Dancing with Myself–Billy Idol (but there are so many good “dancing” songs it just about killed me)
    10. The Leap–Miles Davis
    11. Peter Piper–Run DMC
    12. Kick Drum Heart–Avett Brothers

    I don’t think anyone got that it wasn’t just totally random songs. Alas.

  4. Elisa

    This is really fun. I don’t have any alternative suggestions right now – I blame food hangover, we had fondue last night – but I’ll be thinking, and scouring Pinterest for some :-)

  5. Megan

    I LOVE reading the comments on your blog!

    ‘Why do you only give people beige things?’ – this tickled me. I’m tickled!

    And I had no idea about the ‘real’ 12 days of xmas. No idea!

  6. Becky

    Oh! I hope I remember this idea next year – love this! The target is GENIUS! The air traffic print…I have no words. Well done.

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