26 thoughts on “So I Said I Might Take A Chance

  1. Laura B.

    Oh my! I watched this clip every morning before school my entire 7th grade year. This is my life! Thanks for the memory :)

  2. Jessica

    Was going to pick the “I carried a watermelon?” scene from Dirty Dancing, but this one is more me.

  3. sugarleg

    Last scene of “Working Girl” makes me SO happy! And in year of getting dream job, I love it even more! (Lunchbox from Jack is here, but the last part where she calls her BFF is not, so just imagine it and cheer Tess on.)

  4. Leanne

    Inspire by the season, but could be a clip from my life. Can’t tell you how many people have said he reminds them of me.

  5. Alison @ The Peacock Diaries

    I recently treated myself to an afternoon of Adventures in Babysitting (only $1.99 On Demand!), and was I happy I did — boy, did this hold up well over time! And remind me of my younger self, who so wanted to BE Elisabeth Shue.

    Great story, great characters, perfect soundtrack…the addition of a young, shirtless Vincent D’Onofrio isn’t bad, either :)

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