Laughing at Clouds

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These photos were taken in Dublin, we’d been out touring for the day when the sky opened on us. We ducked into a corner shop to get Hank his own umbrella, he’d just gotten big enough to negotiate one, and he was giddy.

We stopped to take a photo of us in the alley but Hank was spinning around with his umbrella, smacking into puddles, so bangarang over the rain. I tried to get him to stand still for about 10 seconds, and then I gave in and danced with him. These pictures always make me feel lucky to have a kid I like so much.

Do you have a favorite family memory? If so, share a link to the photo in comments, and if you’re up for a little holiday money, I’m partnering with Federated Media to host a merit-based contest on Flickr where you could win a $500 gift certificate to Best Buy. Just upload a photo to Flickr that captures a family memory (up to five photos, actually). Double check that your photos are tagged public so everyone can see them, and then add the tag: #CapturedPhotoContest_MightyGirl. We’ll judge on originality, photo quality, and best display of a family memory, and then we’ll contact the winner via Flickr mail. The official contest rules are over here, and the contest ends December 24th. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

15 thoughts on “Laughing at Clouds

  1. I love that you write that you like your kid. I hear so much negative stuff from other mamas and it’s just delightful to hear another mama like (we all love them) their kids. Mine is super fun and I enjoy the time we spend together.


  2. You just made me cry. In my office. In.front.of.coworkers. And I don’t care! I would have KILLED to have my mom think such a thing about me! I am new to your site…and better-off for “finding” you! Rock on, Mighty Girl!


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