Lifelist: Go Scuba diving? Check.

Oh, I’m sorry. Is this air tank turning you on? As an open water–certified, international woman of mystery I find people have trouble controlling themselves when my fins are in play.

And if the mere sight of me in Heidi braids gets you hot and bothered, meet Lesta, the world’s dreamiest Dive Master:

I know, right? Lesta, the Internet is ogling you. Do something Dive Master-y.

Yeah. That’s working for us.

As I’ve mentioned, deciding to get certified was spur of the moment. Over the years, I’ve found there’s never enough time to do the things on your Life List if you don’t just shoe horn them in. So when an opportunity arises to check something off, I try to say yes, even if it seems inconvenient at first. (Like, say, you need to arrange child care for a week, buy an international plane ticket, and take several hours of classes in the next eight days, but you’re also hosting a conference two weeks after your return. For example.)

The week before my flight, I studied for my written test.

Then I did a little time in the pool at Bamboo Reef in San Francisco.

When I arrived on the island, I had a universal referral form that let me complete my open water certification there, so Lesta took me and Geri-Ayn out diving where I ran some skill drills.

I practiced putting my equipment together.

I learned how to take my fins off in the water without knocking my teeth against the boat ladder.

And I filled my scuba mask with water over, and over, and over again until the inside of my nose was aflame, and my eyes stung with brine, and I could taste tin in my mouth from the panic. Then instead of lunging for the surface and screaming that Lesta was trying to drown me, I blew the water out of my mask, breathed deeply, and refrained from attacking him while adrenaline coursed through my veins.

Aside from mask clears, scuba diving is one of the most peaceful things I’ve ever done. People at the resort kept asking me what I saw on my dives, and the question still confuses me. I saw the ocean! From underneath! And I was breathing!

The thought of it still makes me feel little.

If you’re ever diving in St. Lucia, I can’t recommend Lesta’s services more highly. He works at Ti Kaye resort and you don’t have to stay there to dive with them, so just give a call and they’ll help you.

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21 thoughts on “Lifelist: Go Scuba diving? Check.

  1. Yay!! I’m so excited for you that you learned to scuba! I learned in Hawaii several years ago, but I had a hot Swedish-Hawaiian instructor. Lesta is hooott, though! ;o)


  2. Bravo! Congratulations. The mask clearing, or under-water-could-be-drowning thing is exactly what I’ll never be able to do. Way to grab the bill by the horns and get it done!


  3. Oh, man. I love hearing your story. I can’t dive for medical reasons (hole in my eardrum that has resisted multiple surgical attempts to fix), and you are making me want to go out and find a doctor who can figure out how to help me dive. I love to swim, snorkling is great, but I have never been further than perhaps 5 or 10 feet down in the water because pressure hurts.


  4. Things that make you feel little are the most mighty experiences. It’s such a lovely sensation to draw on when life seems overwhelming and your troubles seem huge … they CAN’T be that big if you are so tiny.


  5. My husband scuba dives and he’s been wanting me to take a course for YEARS. I mean… YEARS!! We have a scuba center near us and I continue to rationalize why I never have time to take the “tester” class. Well, after your post and hearing about your experience, I’m going to sign up for the next class so I can mark this off of my life list too. Thanks for the inspiration.


  6. Diving is so breathtaking. Just knowing that you are seeing places that very few people have seen, always makes me feel like a explorer. Almost like Lewis and Clark. Glad to see you had a great experience.


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