Shop: Guido Mocasines

9th August 2011

If I were a guy, I like to think I’d own a pair of black shoes, a pair of brown shoes, and some sneakers. Maybe some driving loafers, if I was Jay Gatsby or something. The truth is, I’d probably be one of those guys with a website devoted to his kicks.

Anyway, these classic handmade shoes for men are by Guido Mocasines in Argentina. I bet they smell good.

1 thought on “Shop: Guido Mocasines

  1. Megan

    Aw! I wish I would have known about these. My boyfriend sulked through Palermo wanting to buy a fancy man souvenir but couldn’t settle on anything.

    One year ago today, in fact, I was there – a sunny lunch in Puerto Madero with bondiolas; helados immediately after; a tango lesson; and fresh ravioli made by this guy

    Big, big sigh.

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