30 Days of Fun: Day 26

10th August 2011

Erin crashed with me for a few days while she was in town for a conference, so we stopped by the coffee shop for breakfast and ran into a pod of bloggers.

Lynn, from Satsuma Press, lives in Oregon. I didn’t recognize her until she introduced herself, though I’ve written countless thank you notes on her stationery. I felt so affectionate when I realized who she was, like we had all that gratitude in common.

Rena recently sold Rare Device, and now she consults with entrepreneurs, especially small business owners. She’s one of my favorite thinkers, and I feel lucky every time I run into her in the neighborhood.

Lynn was staying with Heidi, who I’d met somewhere before, but neither of us could figure out exactly where. Mutual friends, fill us in.

Together, we took over the communal table and edged out some poor guy reading on his Kindle. But we all know how I feel about that guy anyway.

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