30 Days of Fun: Day 25

9th August 2011

I finally got to introduce Holly and Maile. Maile was in town to do some photo shoots, and Holly came over to work, so I showed them my wedding dress, which has been hanging on the back of my bedroom door since the day I got married. I have no idea what to do with it.

Holly: It’s adorable! You have to keep it.
Me: Why in the world would I keep it?
Holly: You’ll wear it again! It’s not fancy.
Maile: Yeah. I don’t think so.
Me: It’s a wedding dress. Where am I going to wear it again?
Maile: Throw on a jean jacket and wear it to the post office!
Holly: Couldn’t you dye it or something?
Me: It has an enormous tulle skirt. I’m thinking eBay.
Maile: You should do one of those style challenges. Who’s that girl who wears the same dress every day?
Me: The Uniform Project! Yes. Genius. “I’ll be wearing my wedding dress every day for a year as an exercise in celibacy.”
Maile: You’re pulling the skirt up over your shoulders. “Look, it’s a cape!”
Holly: Yes. You have to do that.
Me: Done.

Maile was in town for a few days, and I forgot to sleep while she was here. She reminded me how nice it is to have roommates. I hate having to plan my social life, I like to just come home to one.

How about you? Are you playing along at home? How’s your 30-day project coming?

18 thoughts on “30 Days of Fun: Day 25

  1. Kathleen

    I belly laughed Maggie! I was married in the EARLY 90’s, Which is pretty much the 80’s, FYI. I can imagine myself faffing around town doing errands dressed like a meringue! E-bay definitely or, save it and sew it into a ring bearers pillow for you son’s wedding.

  2. This Confetti Life

    I’m also doing thirty days of fun–credited to you, of course–but I’m only on day 8. It’s been a great exercise

    As for the dress: I vote dye it and wear it. All that tulle is just too much fabulousness! OR! Start a project! Send it around the world, asking everyone to put it on, accessorize it, take a photo, upload to a flickr group, and then pass it along to the next girl. I’ll go first.

  3. Funnelcloud Rachel

    Oh my gosh, what a fun group of ladies! Wishing I was in CA, so I could come over and hang out. Not that you know my a$$ from a hole in the ground…but you guys look like fun!

  4. Rebecca

    I say dye it or alter it, and wear it around with some excellent accessories. You can do that in SF.

    My 30 day project starts tomorrow – belly dance every day for 30 days. Here we go.

  5. Lulu

    I’m allllllll for seeing the bright side and making every thing into a positive thing, but it’s your wedding dress from a currently painful period. It’s OKAY to just ebay/toss it or give it to someone who is getting married and excited. I’ve been divorced for a year and while I’m in a much better head space now, I still think it’s okay to just all out shred some thing out of past sadness. :) Good luck, I know whatever you do will be fantastic!

  6. JennyA

    I have a big floofy wedding dress just sitting in a box and I have no idea what to do with it. I hate to just destroy it, because it… wasn’t the pretty dress’s fault things ended up the way they did? I guess? But I am somehow loathe to get rid of it, too. I wonder if I could make it into something.

    I like This Confetti Life’s project proposal. The sisterhood of the travelling wedding dress!

  7. Absquatulate

    The traveling dress idea is a *good* one! But in lieu of that, maybe consider donating it? I donated mine to the local Goodwill. Maybe some woman was dreaming of a fancy dress and couldn’t afford one new and now she can. I also feel good that the proceeds went to charity.

    Btw, it took me four years after we separated for me to finally let go of the dress. It was liberating, but it’s also when I knew I was done mourning. Whatever you decide, do it only when you’re ready!

  8. Leah

    A Practical Wedding does a sisterhood of the traveling dress. I’m actually a recipient and super stoked to wear my borrowed dress and then pass it on to the next gal :-)

  9. Kate

    I looove This Confetti Life’s idea! Seeing that dress everywhere from a ranch in Wyoming to a cafe in Paris would turn the situation around, into something joyful and silly and lovely.

    Another option is to auction it and give the proceeds to a cause that is close to your heart. Hey, Oprah and Princess Di did it; who wouldn’t love to own a dress once worn by the stunning and stylish Maggie Mason??

  10. Megan

    Today is the last day of my 30 days of fun project! It is being celebrated with a champagne toast at the top of the Hyatt here downtown (I live in San Diego). I have been recording my adventures on my Facebook and I am AMAZED at the feedback I am getting. People are into it, I tell ya. Kind of sad to have the 30 days end. Thank you for being an inspirtion Maggie. I heart you.

  11. Megan

    I started a 30-day project. The thought of actually “doing something” or “creating something” like something fun for 30 days seemed a bit much for me at that time, so I decided that for 30 days I’d be more mindful of when I was happy. It’s been working out pretty well. Thanks for the inspiration (on this particular project, and in general)!

  12. Lisa

    I say do a photoshoot with the dress in a “Trash the Dress” style. I’ve always wanted to do that with my wedding dress but there is no way I’m getting back into that sucker!

  13. heatherbees

    I’m doing the 30 days project too! Thank you very much for this:) I usually start freaking out that summer is over mid-june—so this is my savoring the last 30 days of summer project…and I’m really loving how most of my fun things involve my babies ( 9, 2, 6 months) cos, we all know it goes so fast…and taking time to be mindful of having fun and enjoying them is fantastic. I feel more me doing this project–so you’re awesome…thank you!

  14. Stacey

    I have to tell you that you are one lucky gal to have the pleasure of hanging out with Maile so long!! She and I went to high school together in Northern CA and she is GREAT! Love following her success and hope to see her at our reunion next year –

  15. Edelweiss

    I’m on Day 10 of my 30 day project (inspired by you) and I’m hitting a slump. I know I’ll get past it – and it just makes me appreciate making the 30 day commitment in the first place!

  16. Snithia

    Yes, like the idea of the traveling, shared dress. Or…I’m just thinking, there’s gotta be some young thing about to get married somewhere in Cali who’s low on cash and needs a great dress.

    How to find her? Well, you’ve got your ways and means, and I think you could find her.

    I don’t know…it’s such a personal thing, but I like the idea of the dress moving on in a helpful way, but you’d be the one who ultimately put that dress to work!

    Don’t mean to be treacly and donate-y but it’s a thought.

    And by the way, you’re still young and fabulous. Did anyone tell you that recently?

  17. Megan

    After her divorce, my good friend donated her wedding dress to an art project. The artist recruited prostitutes to wear the dresses in a famous ‘hooker lane’ in Hamburg (where prostitution is legal). I’m not sure how therapeutic it was, except she did like the idea of her dress getting some action (if love wasn’t going to dtay in the picture).

    But her dress wasn’t cute like yours Maggie, or as creatively assembled.

    HA! Ha. Yes to this. -M

  18. Jeri

    My wedding dress was turned into a halloween costume complete with tatters, blood stains and a large gaping red hole where “heart” was torn out. We stuff my Mom or any other agreeable female into it, lay her on my bed with candles all around and hide a heart somewhere in the room that can glow and “thump” at the push of a button as part of our Haunted House for Halloween. We’ve gotten great mileage out of it and on our favorite holiday, too!

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