Swimwear for Shy Girls

Norma Kamali, $125

Better with a swimcap.

Asos, $109

I feel a tap routine coming on.

Anthropologie, $140

A whole new erogenous zone.

Modcloth, $128

This is so much hotter on you than it was on your mom.

Anthropologie, $100

Bikini? Slut.

More of my picks on Pinterest.

13 thoughts on “Swimwear for Shy Girls

  1. Hmm… I really love these, especially the last, but they’re all, well, a tad out of my swimsuit price range. Since comments are usually full of fabulous souls with more fashion sense than I possess, does anyone have any budget suggestions with a similarly fabulous retro feel?

    Hi Madison,

    Yeah, it was more of an aspirational “cute suits!” kinda thing. I added a couple under-$40 options to the Pinterest board if you want to check them out.

    If you’re not yucked out by used swimsuits, Etsy has some good vintage options too:




  2. in that grey one piece, that model is super scary skinny. i’m surprised you would post a pic like that. ick.

    I was looking at the suit, and didn’t really notice her shape. But that model is a woman we don’t know. Quite possibly she’s a girl in her early teens. Let’s not slag her body. -M


  3. Gah! Can all of the enlightened and intelligent and, presumably, not anti-woman women in the world _please_ stop throwing around the word slut like it is somehow clever or cute or ironic or whatever else? Pretty please? We do not need more people — and especially not more otherwise well-spoken and aware people — perpetuating this idea/mental connection that what you, as a female human, wear means you’re perhaps ready to be mounted by anything with a pulse. Not helping.


  4. The suits were cute, the knobby knees negligible, the pricing fair, the ability to self-navigate to pinterest perfectly doable, and the cheeky ‘slut’ comment not remotely demeaning to my gender, intellect or mounting preference. Yes, the holiday weekend is over, but geez people, have another margarita. You can even wear a Snuggie, if you please.


  5. This is so well timed. I was just thinking that the vintage 1950s (ish?) suit I nabbed from the back of a closet at my family’s summer home in Vermont back when I was a teenager has gotten a little ratty, but I wasn’t ready to face non-Esther Williams styles. Now I needn’t give up my vintage chic *or* try on used suits. Perfect!


  6. speaking of anti-woman women, how about we stop hating our bodies – fat, skinny or somewhere in between. perhaps then we can stop hating bodies that are not identical to our own.


  7. Maggie, thanks for the budget suggestions! That red halter top style is lovely *and* I can afford it, which makes for an excellent combination. I hope it was clear that I loved the original list too, and that the question was in no way a criticism – they’re great picks, as always. I really appreciate you taking the time to expand the list a little! 🙂


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