13 thoughts on “Potty Humor

  1. Martha

    Funny! There was a cafe in Houston, I believe Cafe Brazil?, that actually had cast bronze boobs, complete with nipples, on the door to the women’s bathroom. The men’s bathroom was even more graphic, and also in bronze. I never could look at either sculpture directly.

  2. Jessica

    One of my regular brewbubs has Hops (a vine) and Barley (a bush) on the bathroom doors.

    Love watching people just stare at them, not knowing what to do.

  3. Jan

    OK, I give up — where was the second one taken? The watermelon one, I mean. (That IS watermelon, isn’t it?)

  4. kate

    I must be dense because I don’t get the second one. Although as a female I would go in the door with the almost-whole pie on it, vs. the piece of pie. Would I be correct?

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