6 thoughts on “Brain Twin

  1. Una

    You made me smile :)
    I remember how i was stressful in first dates, i was thinking about unbelievable stuffs, like – do my smile is enough good? :)
    But still i can say that we didn’t lost our butterflies :)
    I wonder if other couples are feeling the same after years?

  2. sarah von

    Yes. I once dated a guy for two months too long because he always stocked up on my favorite brand of fake bacon when he knew I was sleeping over.

  3. Catherine

    Sarah Brown! I check in once a week to Que Sera Sera hoping to see new posts of funny and insight but… No new posts:(

    Sarah, if you’re reading, I hope that you are well and peachy and your lack of posts is due to having too much newly wed fun in the sun.

  4. Sarah Brown

    Thank you, Catherine! I’ve been way too bad for way too long, but I promise, QSS will return. I have plans. In the meantime, I post on my Tumblr at least once a day.

  5. Gin

    One time Sarah quoted on her site something Maggie posted on hers. I’m trying to get the exact words. It was something like, “Marry someone who you’d like your son to turn out to be…” or something like that. Totally botched that one, I know, but what was that phrase again? I would love to put it on a card to my husband on Father’s Day. It’s great to see Sarah here again.

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