Soundtrack Friday

27th May 2011

Six favorites from Esquire’s 50 Songs Every Man Should Listen To:

Truth from Alexander

Sofi Needs a Ladder from Deadmau5
It’s around 7 minutes long. The first time you listen, maybe start at 1:28 before you decide whether to add it to your collection.

Sydney (I’ll Come Running) from Brett Dennen

January Hymn from the Decemberists

Will Do from TV on the Radio

Heart Attack from Raphael Saadiq

5 thoughts on “Soundtrack Friday

  1. michelle k.

    Thank you for linking to the 50 songs – I discovered some lovely, lovely songs. Grateful that you branch yourself out and then share.

  2. amie

    So glad you included Truth! More people need to hear that song; I’m convinced it’ll do them a world of good.

  3. jojo

    If you liked the TV on the Radio song you should check out some if thid earlier stuff. Amazing!

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