Weekend Soundtrack: You Got This

Weekend Soundtrack: You Got This Mix | Mighty Girl

We’ve got some nails lined up… and look who’s holding a hammer. You’re good at this. In fact, you kill.

We’ll just get out of your way.

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Numbers in Action, Wiley
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight, Linda and Richard Thompson
War Again, Balkan Beat Box
Blackbirds, Erin McKeown
I’ll Run, Yello Ostrich
Gangsta, Tune-Yards
Still Here, Girl Talk
Friends of Friends, Hospitality
Rebel Girl, Bikini Kill
Tongue Tied, Group Love
First Of The Year – Equinox, Skrillex
The Whip, Locksley
Bad Girls, M.I.A.
Putting Shame In Your Game, Beastie Boys
This Is Worth Fighting For, The Ink Spots
Don’t You Evah, Spoon
Disparate Youth, Santigold
All These Things That I’ve Done, The Killers
So Alive, Love And The Rockets

This is the soundtrack for a business retreat with some girlfriends. All of us are running start-ups or consulting practices, so we’re doing Lady Business to the extreme. Also cocktails.

What do you listen to when you’re taking care of business?

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Zombie Theory

Me: I just realized that San Francisco is uniquely suited to survive the zombie apocalypse because we don’t have cemeteries in town.

Bryan: We’d have to defend against Colma though.

Me: Yeah, but we’re a peninsula.

Bryan: So we’d just build a big zombie wall?

Me: Yeah.

Natalie: I feel pretty safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse because all my friends have guns.

Me: Zombies are already dead, Natalie. You can’t kill them with guns.

Natalie: Yeah you can, you shoot them in the head. I watched Zombieland.

Me: Huh.

Bryan: Point, Natalie.

Natalie: Anyway, I’ve decided that when the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m gonna be a vampire.

Me: Clever. I’ve not heard that take on it. Side with the less annoying undead.

Natalie: Yeah, a vampire could clearly defeat a zombie.

Me: Plus they dress better. And their limbs don’t fall off when they run.

Let’s Panic about Babies

Alice and Eden just launched a new project they’ve been working on for a while, Let’s Panic About Babies!

“You are hardly alone. If your friends and family aren’t in your house, pointing out every hapless decision you’re making, there are hundreds of strangers on the sidewalk with placards who are more than willing to leap into the fray. And for those times when you are utterly alone, you always have us, dear reader! We may not actually be physically present, but we’re right here in this web site, laughing at you—but quietly, so you can’t hear. That’s how much we want you to perceive that we care.”

Congratulations, ladies! It’s high time we had somewhere we could panic as a community.

Two Words: Author

Please join me in kissing Mrs. Heather B. Armstrong on the mouth, as she officially became an author today. Behold!

It Sucked and Then I Cried: How I had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita

Heather is one of the hardest working people I know, so it’s hardly surprising that the book is already a success. In fact, she’s currently two spots below the President of the United States on the Amazon non-fiction rankings. Let’s see if we can do something to improve those numbers, shall we?

Somewhere in New York, there is a very pregnant woman jumping up and down on her hotel bed in her underwear. She may not be able to drink right now, but come June, there’s a case of Champagne with her name on it. In the meantime, the Internet can raise a glass in her honor.

You did it, girl.

Meg and Rahul Sitting in a Tree

Our friends Rahul and Meg are getting married in a couple of weeks, we’ll be attending two weddings that day (which also happens to be our own five-year wedding anniversary).

Jerry Yoon photography took some great engagement photos. I love getting to see engagement photos, because they always make me look forward to the wedding.

See what I mean? Congrats, Meg and Rahul! Go here if you’d like to see the rest.