12 thoughts on “Where’d you get that? Swim Caps

  1. Megan G.

    Just last week I saw a Jantzen swim cap that reminded me of you. Think they have one that would make my butt look perky?

  2. Tasha

    I have a pink swim cap with petals on it that I wear in the shower to protect my dyed hair. I love it even if my husband DOES call it “birth control.”

  3. Colleen

    The orange one looks like someone stole it from a Dr. Suess character. What better criteria for a wonderful addition to one’s attire!

  4. Elisabeth

    Oh, I would just love to see these on someone. They look very fashionable indeed.

    Interesting that Tasha (above) uses one when she showers. It probably would look a lot better than those bright blue, pink or yellow ones you can buy at W*l Mart.

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