Soundtrack Friday

10th April 2011

A little late, but more picks from your suggestions. Hoping your weekend was just right.

Burn the City Down

No Children from The Mountain Goats

Tears Dry on Their Own from Amy Winehouse

Munich from Editors

Take Another Piece of My Heart from Janice Joplin

Weep Softly

Sleep Walk from Santo and Johnny

River from Joni Mitchell

How My Heart Behaves from Feist

New York’s Not My Home from Jim Croce

Suck it Up

One Eskimo from Kandi

Heart Like a Kickdrum from The Avett Brothers

Friday on My Mind from The Easybeats

Rill Rill from Sleigh Bells

5 thoughts on “Soundtrack Friday

  1. Meredith

    Love it! Always looking for new music…or in this case, old music. I can’t believe I didn’t have any Jim Croce…till today. Thanks!

  2. Rebekah

    Hey Maggie – I don’t want to be the correction nazi, but an FYI – you’ve mistakenly swapped a band with a song title: “Kandi” is the song, it is performed by the band “One Eskimo”. I love that song, too! :) Keep the playlists coming – I love your taste in music and the variety in what you share!

  3. Bahiyyih

    I really hope that Amy Winehouse is able to get it and keep it together one of these days. She has an amazing voice and sound…

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