Fun Thing: Takeout in the Garden

Lately it’s been unusually warm in the city, so Liz invited us over for takeout in the garden.

She made key lime pie, so I proposed to her. I feel like I have a lot to offer. For example, my mad mechanical bull riding skills. Consider it, Liz.

We had Burmese food.

And then moved inside when the wind picked up.

(More on Flickr.)

14 thoughts on “Fun Thing: Takeout in the Garden

  1. ooh, fun! And Burmese food? Did the kids eat that too? If so, you guys are great moms. I would not have touched Burmese food as a kid.


  2. Lordgod, did you get the food from Burma Superstar?! We ate there during a visit several years ago and I still dream about it. Sigh.


  3. Liz is wearing an amazing cardigan, and if she could tell me/us where she got it, my wallet would cringe but my heart would cheer. Those dots look slightly metallic, or at least shiny-reflective, and that’s awesome.


  4. I like that the boys are playing with the marble maze, I use to sell them with Discovery Toys! My kids still really enjoy making new mazes – great indoor activity


  5. I wish! That looks so wonderful.

    The past two weeks have been WONDERFUL and we even set up our outdoor chairs. What did we wake up to this morning though? 18 inches of freaking snow! Grr.


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