19 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Drink in Austin

  1. Mia

    awesome! do you need a wristband for this party?

    You don’t need to be going to SxSW, but you will need to RSVP to the party to be sure you’re on our list.

  2. Clarissa

    I’m embarrassed to admit how excited I am about this, but being bold and brave are on my life list, so here I am. Also on my life list: Meet Maggie Mason! CAN NOT WAIT! yay!

    Aw! I cannot wait either! See you there. -M

  3. Megan G.

    Austin sounds warm and inviting and now fun. Man, March Chicago blows.

    (So grumpy! It’s the March talking.)

  4. Shevon

    Man, I really wish I could be there! I hope you guys all have so much fun. Have a drink for the huge pregnant lady!

  5. Sheri Bheri

    So, these Canadian snowbirds, Roy & Betty, spend their winters in Texas. And Roy has ALWAYS wanted a pair of cowboy boots. So he finally buys them and models them for Betty … “Do you notice anything different about me Betty?” Betty: “Nope” Disgruntled, Roy goes into the bedroom and comes out wearing ONLY the cowboy boots and says “NOW do you notice anything different about me Betty?” Blazé, Betty says “Roy, it was pointing down yesterday, it’s pointing down today and it’s going to be pointing down tomorrow.” Incensed, Roy says “Do you know WHY it’s pointing down? It’s because it’s looking at my NEW COWBOY BOOTS!” Betty: “Shoulda bought a hat Roy. Shoulda bought a hat.”

    That’s my cowboy boots joke.

  6. little bird

    Rachel, I’d bet the boots are from Allen’s Boot Shop on S. Congress St. in Austin.

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