15 thoughts on “A Few Happy Things

  1. Maureen

    Waht a terrific little collection! I can’t decide which I like best. Let’s just say i had audible reactions to all of them.

  2. Nicole

    We No Speak Americano – it’s like watching Irish Step-Dancing, but with hands, instead of feet!?

  3. Mary Burk

    I’ve been to the Minnesota State Fair. Those crazy Minnesotans put everything tasty on a stick! I had a foot long corndog that couldn’t have been tastier!

  4. Megs

    In another life, I was an Irish Dancer and that is how we all practiced our steps when we weren’t actually dancing. The first time I saw this video of Cleary & Harding (who used to dance for Riverdance) it brought back vivid memories of being in class, sitting cross legged in the back waiting for my turn, and our teacher, Colleen, yelling over the music “IF YOU’RE SITTING YOU BETTER BE DANCING IT ON YOUR HANDS!!!”
    10 years later and I still subconsciously ‘finger dance’ sometimes when I’m lost in thought.
    It’s worth watching their other videos on their YouTube channel; they are doing some interesting things with Irish Dance. And yes, that’s them in the McDonald’s commercial.

  5. Maureen

    Megs, thanks for that! My big question as I watched that video was “How the hell do people come up with this stuff?” Now I know!

  6. Kris

    Oh, that last one made me weep. Some day, I hope my little one looks at me with that much love.

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