Mighty Closet: Courtney Skott, Round Two

This is Courtney, my genius furniture designer friend. You’ve met her before on Mighty Girl, I photographed her for her first Mighty Closet in 2009. We took these shots at the same time, but I promptly had a hard-drive crash, and recently realized I’d never posted these. Hooray!

The playsuit is vintage Cole of California, which means it probably doubled as swimsuit originally.

The first time I saw Courtney wearing it, we were in Vegas for a bachelorette party, which is what this outfit was made for. She just threw on some sunglasses and a pair of sandals headed out to brunch. This was about four years ago, before Urban Outfitters started its Romper for Every Hipster campaign, and before Lady Gaga made it slightly tedious to walk around with no pants, so I was impressed with her fortitude.

The earrings are also vintage, from her mom’s jewelry box.

Shoes by Corso Como, body by marathons.

This is the kind of thing Courtney would wear out to meet friends for drinks. She designed and built that chair she’s sitting on, by the way. If I could do that, I’d accessorize by carrying power tools around with me.

This delicate piping detail on the shirt is like a built in necklace. It’s a thrifted piece by Geren Ford.

The earrings were made by friend Rena Tom, who’s a jewelry designer and founder of Rare Device, and who will be appearing her own Mighty Closet one day soon. Right, Rena?

Jeans by Joe’s (cut is The Honey), shoes are vintage Charles Jourdan.

Here’s a vintage Geoffrey Beene dress and jacket, Courtney is an avid thrift store shopper. The yellow velvet clutch is Banana Republic, Courtney says the clothes there are a little too preppy for her tastes, but she loves their accessories.

When she removes the jacket, the deep neckline scoop takes it from the library to cocktails, which pretty much describes my ideal life. Shoes are Calvin Klein.

The necklace is by Jalea Jalea, Mexico.

The dress has a little surprise sexy in the back, which is kind of Courtney’s thing. So lovely.

This leather jacket is sans label. Courtney says borrowed it from an L.A. friend for “her summer/San Francisco’s winter.” Truth. Her purse is a Josh Jakus felt zipper bag.

Courtney bought this dress on 5th St. in Brooklyn so many years ago that the label just has a bird on it. Clearly the designer did not see Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein coming.

Shoes are Calvin Klein.

Again with the surprise sexy. Yes, Courtney. This is working for us.

If you’d like to see more of Courtney’s closet, you’ll find her here:

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36 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Courtney Skott, Round Two

  1. Rena designed jewelry for my bridesmaids and flower girls some 6 years ago. I haven’t kept up with her work, but glad to see she’s still dazzling. I have renewed interest!


  2. Wow. Love the shirt with the piping and the red dress. A marathoner with nice feet? I’m jealous. I’m a long-time runner and my feet are hideous. Glad to see the return of Mighty Closet! Can’t get enough of it.


  3. Agreed with everyone about *needing* to know where that shirt with the piping is from. Dying for that.

    Also, how about a “How to pick a red lipstick” tutorial, Maggie? Seems like you and all your fab friends have mastered this skill. Me, not so much.

    Gorrrrgeous woman, gorgeous clothes. Love it all.


  4. The bird dress is incredible — simple, beautiful, sexy. I kind of love that it is a perfect mystery and simultaneously bummed I can’t go out and get myself one. Maggie — you are a brilliant commentator — I love reading these posts. It inspires me to find Mightiness in my own closet. Thanks.


  5. ok, one more voice chiming in with a “please, OH PLEASE for the love of GOD tell us more about the shirt with the piping.” No, seriously.


  6. Maggie! I adore these photos & you can tell how much you respect & love women from these photos… just what I needed today! Thank you!


  7. i love that shirt too. damn you courtney and your amazing thrifting powers! maybe i can improvise with a little piping and sewing machine action though.

    maggie, you can raid my closet but you have to make the sun shine a little bit more cuz my house is dark. also you will need to do my makeup for me. xo, rena


  8. Man, I love love love it when you do Mighty Closet posts. They are such an inspiration for me to work on stepping up my own wardrobe.

    And of all of the closets I think that Courtney’s are my favorite.

    Ah, if only I lived in SF (instead of the Midwest) and could spend a day shopping with you and her!


  9. I wish wish wish that red looked that great on me. I love the Mighty Closet editions, keep ’em coming.

    (oh, and feel free to toss in a Mighty Living Room if you’re ever in the mood.)


  10. After the Courtney’s first Mighty Closet I asked what color that lovely dark gray was, and she answered. I had parts of my new condo painted the same color, and I love it. Unfortunately, I hired it out instead of doing it myself since I was rushed for time and they painted up, angled down, up, angled down instead of randomly and there are places where I can see the roller marks. Someday I’ll have to pop on a top coat to fix it when I have the time, but I’ve got 14′ ceilings and a cut in staircase so it’s not exactly a spur of the moment project.

    Anyway, glad to see the rest of Courtney’s shoot. 🙂 Lovely outfits, and such a classy home.


  11. By thrift, does she mean consignment? Because some of her *thrift* finds are current and not vintage. Please help a poorly dressed lady out.


  12. Micaela — yes, by “thrift” I sometimes mean consignment. Or more likely, Crossroads (which is where I got the Geren Ford grey shirt with blue piping). I guess I should say “second-hand” to cover it all.


  13. Love her, love the clothes, love the walls. I was hoping the key to her great looks was just some sort of shimmery lotion I could buy, but I see that it is marathoning. Yay for Mighty Closet posts!


  14. Please give more info on the hair – a little info about the cut and what products are used to enhance those lovely natural waves would be appreciated! My hair is naturally wavy/curly and I would love to wear it shorter as seen here, but how? Please dish.

    Also, another vote for the piped shirt – gorgeous.


  15. My absolute favorite Mighty Closet to date! Courtney, you’re an absolute knockout and this post has made me reconsider my plan to have marshmallows for dinner.


  16. Rena made my favorite necklace, purchased from Rare Device in 2006, which I HAVE LOST. I would like to petition her to make it again so I can re-purchase – it was the bit of transparent granite on a short gold chain, and I loved it.


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