15 Cities in Gingerbread

1. New York
Statue of Liberty
Brooklyn Bridge
Chrysler Building

2. Amsterdam
Row Houses

3. Austin
Downtown Austin

4. Boston
Fenway Park (see also)
Old Statehouse

5. Chicago
Chicago Theater

6. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Landmarks

7. Detroit
Downtown Detroit

8. London
Houses of Parliament
Tower Bridge

9. Los Angeles
Randy’s Donuts

10. Miami
Freedom Tower

11. Paris
Eiffel Tower
Notre Dame de Paris
Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoy

12. San Francisco
Downtown San Francisco
Transamerica Building
Painted Ladies

13. Seattle
Space Needle
(Someone please make a gingerbread Bridge Troll and post it on the Internet for all to enjoy. Megan, I’m looking at you.)

14. Sydney
Sydney Landmarks

15. Washington D.C.
Washington Memorial
White House (see also)
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Is your city represented in gingerbread? Let’s do this thing, Internet. Leave any gingerbread city landmarks I missed in comments.

17 thoughts on “15 Cities in Gingerbread

  1. There’s an outstanding independent toy store in Staunton, VA called Pufferbellies with a window display full of gingerbread replicas of the historic town’s gorgeous buildings. A photo album of the builders’ construction process and gorgeous results is here: http://on.fb.me/hQegR3


  2. Every year, the Sheraton in Seattle has local businesses build elaborate gingerbread houses based on a theme. I go every year. I just went today at lunch and one of them featured the Troll! Coincidence.


  3. You are sweet for being optimistic enough to think I have the skills to make Seattle’s bridge troll out of gingerbread! I have a blurry and out of context photo of the Troll incorporated into a gingerbread display from a few years back. (I have tried and failed to find a better photo.) It’s from an annual gingerbread village display put on in Seattle to benefit JDRF, the houses are designed by architecture firms and constructed by a culinary team and the results are stunning. If anybody is in Seattle in December I can highly recommend stopping by to view the gingerbread village, you can treat yourself to dinner and hot drinks afterwards.


  4. We were fortunate to see that gingerbread White House 5 years ago – my sister-in-law is a descendant of Monroe and owns a painting that resides in the White House. She arranged a tour by the curator of the White House and we had 2.5 hours with just 9 people in the tour. It was amazing and the Christmas decorations were wonderful. How lucky we are!

    I will try to send you photos later of my best gingerbread endeavor. I was laid off just before Christmas in 2003, right before my husband’s birthday. I made him a replica of our mid-century modern house. We are in the middle of a renovation/addition to that house, so next year I plan to do it again.


  5. Seriously … the iconic building for L.A. is Randy’s Donuts? I’m so depressed. I think I’ll go have a donut to assuage my architectural pain.


  6. Its actually the Washington Monument (not memorial) because the building of it was started while George was still alive. The Lincoln and Jefferson sites are memorials because they were built after they died. Come hang out with me in DC and I’ll give you a tour :). (We can make gingerbread houses too cuz I’m a pastry chef.)


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