15 Cities in Gingerbread

1. New York
Statue of Liberty
Brooklyn Bridge
Chrysler Building

2. Amsterdam
Row Houses

3. Austin
Downtown Austin

4. Boston
Fenway Park (see also)
Old Statehouse

5. Chicago
Chicago Theater

6. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Landmarks

7. Detroit
Downtown Detroit

8. London
Houses of Parliament
Tower Bridge

9. Los Angeles
Randy’s Donuts

10. Miami
Freedom Tower

11. Paris
Eiffel Tower
Notre Dame de Paris
Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoy

12. San Francisco
Downtown San Francisco
Transamerica Building
Painted Ladies

13. Seattle
Space Needle
(Someone please make a gingerbread Bridge Troll and post it on the Internet for all to enjoy. Megan, I’m looking at you.)

14. Sydney
Sydney Landmarks

15. Washington D.C.
Washington Memorial
White House (see also)
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Is your city represented in gingerbread? Let’s do this thing, Internet. Leave any gingerbread city landmarks I missed in comments.